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In a click, you will be able to access the crop insurance services and information you need. RCISag is a secure, online crop insurance service center that will give you instant access to your RCIS policy information andf acreage and production reports.

Policy Inquiry
Use this feature to view policy balances and print a Schedule of Insurance. Please note that until you submit an acreage report, you will not have any billing balance on your policy, nor will you be able to print a Schedule of Insurance.

Acreage Report Worksheets
This feature allows you to electronically submit acreage report worksheets to your agency. If you submit the worksheet electronically, you DO NOT need to print, sign, and send it in the mail. Your agency is automatically notified when you submit your worksheet.

Some crop insurance forms are available for printing from the
RCISag web site.

News Articles, Weather Updates
This feature includes links to other agricultural web sites.

How does RCISag work?
To access your information you will need to enter a user ID and a default password. Your user ID is your tax ID number (social security number OR the employer ID number used on your policies). RCIS will supply you with a default password.

The first time you log on to the service, you will be required to choose a new password that is different from the default password. Remember your new password and keep it secure.

Once you have logged on to the service, you will have access to your policies ONLY. No one else can access your policies unless they know your user ID and password. Please keep your password confidential.

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